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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there restrictions to what I can put on a grave?
A. Yes – artificial flowers are not allowed anywhere in the cemetery. Balloons with string attached are
also not allowed. Other restrictions are dependent on the grave location. Contact the office for further

Q. What are the steps to purchasing a lot?
A. The best way to purchase a lot is to call or visit the office to discuss your specific needs – we have a
number of options available.

Q. How do I find information on a relative buried in your cemetery?
A. Begin by using the searchable database on our website. This will let you know if your loved one is
buried in Rome Cemetery. If your loved one is in Rome Cemetery – the map on our website will help
you locate where. If you would like further information on your loved one, please visit the office during
regular business hours.

Q. My loved one was cremated and wants to be buried in Rome Cemetery. What do I need to do?
A. Burial arrangements, including cremains interments, are usually handled by the funeral director that
did the initial funeral arrangements. They will contact us to arrange the burial of the cremains. If this is
not the case in your situation, the best way to make burial arrangements is to call or email the office to
discuss your needs and available options.

Q. The marker, monument, stone, etc. on my loved one’s grave is dirty, chipped, etc. What can I do?
A. The cemetery is not responsible for cleaning or maintaining grave stones. There are a number of
local companies that provide this service, you would need to contact one of them. We can provide a
referral BUT any arrangements are between you and the company.

Q. My family lot has bushes that have died – how can I get them removed? Can I remove them myself?
Is there a fee?

A. The removal of bushes on lots is best handled by contacting the office – in some cases the cemetery
can remove them; in some cases an outside company would need to remove them. This determination
would be made after looking at the scope of work involved. Lot Owner removal of bushes is NOT
permitted. There is a fee – the fee varies depending on the size of the bushes; the proximity to any
markers; and the difficulty in removal. You will be advised of the fee once the scope of work is
determined. Fees begin at $50 and go up.

Q. I would like to plant bushes/trees on my lot. Is this allowed and what is the procedure for this?
A. Any planting of trees must be requested in writing. The determination of whether this will be
allowed depends on the location of the lot, the size of the lot, and the anticipated number of burials.
Once the written request is received, it will go before the Board of Directors for approval/disapproval.
You will be advised in writing of the board’s decision.

Q. We recently purchased a lot and are in the process of ordering our grave stone/marker. Who is
responsible for the pouring of the foundation?

A. Once a monument/marker order is placed, the monument company will forward to Rome Cemetery
what is called a foundation order – this order lists the size of the foundation needed. The cemetery
pours foundations usually twice per year – once in the spring and again in the fall. The timing of the
pouring is determined by the weather. Once the foundation is poured, we will notify the monument
company who will then place the monument/stone, etc.